July 23 - August 22

Element:   Fire
Quality:  Fixed
Duality:  Masculine
Planet:  The Sun: (Authority, vitality)
Symbol:  The Lion: (Noble and proud, dominating and indolent)
Magickal Birthstone:  Ruby: (Protection against injury, serenity of mind)
Numbers:  8 and 9
Day:  Sunday
Color:  Gold:  (Solar colors)
Flowers:  Sunflower, marigold
Metal:  Gold
Trees:  Citrus trees
Animals:  Felines
Astrological compliments: Gemini, Libra
Astrological opposite:   Aquarius
Keywords:  Dramatic, flamboyant, warm 
Dominant Keyword:  "I will"

Compliments:  Exuberant, warm, difficult to dislike, born leader

Warnings:  Bombastic, lazy, victims of slander, easily provokes others, proud

A Few Famous People:   Madonna, Lucille Ball, Fidel Castro, Carl Jung, Orville Wright

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