April 20 - May 20

Element:   Earth
Quality:  Fixed
Duality:  Feminine
Planet:  Venus: (Love & emotions)
Symbol:  The Bull: (Strong & stubborn, fierce & gentle)
Magickal Birthstone:  Emerald: (Protection against deceit, improves memory)
Numbers:  6 and 4
Day:  Friday
Color:  Pale Blue:  (Of refinement and gentleness)
Flowers:  Poppy and Violet
Metal:  Copper
Trees:  Apple and Cypress
Animals:  Cattle
Astrological compliments: Cancer, Pisces
Astrological opposite:   Scorpio
Keywords:  Earthy, Stable, Practical 
Dominant Keyword:  "I have"

Compliments:  Dependable, sensitive, sensible, and emotional.

Warnings:  Susceptible to violent situations over love or money. Antagonistic, Stubborn, Possessive

A Few Famous People:   Fred Astaire, Cher, Bing Crosby, Jack Nicholson, Karl Marx

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