August 23 - September 22

Element:   Earth
Quality:  Mutable
Duality:  Feminine
Planet:  Mercury: (Communication, intelligence)
Symbol:  The Virgin: (Purity, service to fellow workers)
Magickal Birthstone:  Sapphire: (Brings tranquility and protects against illness)
Numbers:  5 and 3
Day:  Wednesday
Color:  Navy Blue, Gray:  (Refinement, taste)
Flowers:  Morning glory, pansy
Metal:  Mercury
Trees:  Nut-bearing trees
Animals:  Small domestic pets
Astrological compliments: Taurus, Capricorn
Astrological opposite:   Pisces
Keywords:  Conscientious, analytical 
Dominant Keyword:  "I understand"

Compliments:  Kind, devoted & loyal, well balanced

Warnings:  Tendancy to interfere, arousing anger in others, over critical, and unemotional at times.

A Few Famous People:   Ingrid Bergman, Bob Newhart, Rocky Marciano, H.G. Wells, Yassir Arafat

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