Moon Phases

' A New Moon Rises with the Sun,
Her waxing half at midday shows,
The Full Moon climbs at sunset hour,
And waning half the midnight knows. '

The start of the phases finds the Moon conjunct (together) with the Sun.  The Moon is invisible, hidden by the light of the Sun, at what is commonly known as 'The New Moon'.  The Moon gradually waxes toward the 2nd qrtr. and a declicate sliver can be seen two to three days after the 1st qrtr. starts.  This time is excellent to begin new projects and prepare ideas for fruition.  It is said, 'Luck bestows he who first finds the crescent'. 2nd 

The Moon is now 90 degrees from the sun also known as 'square to the Sun'.  She can be seen here in the west U.S., in the western skies at ealry evening.   It is a time of development and growth.  Projects should be maturing.

This phase begins with the Full Moon.  The Sun and Moon are in exact opposition and the moon reflects all of the Sun's light and will even cast  'Moon- shadows'.  The Full Moon is an important event in Pagan life.  We call this event an 'Esbat' and events planned with the New Moon now show completion. 4th

The final phase sees the Moon as a 'mirror image' of the 2nd qrts.  The moon has been waning since The Full Moon.  This is a quiet time of banisment of negativity.  It's time to reorganize and plan for the next New Moon stage.


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