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Magick by Ecology

"There are many things thatcan be done in spiritual realmsto help bring about solutions to the world's problems:

* We can kindle spiritual friendships with other lifeforms through communication with Nature Spirits, who can be teachers for us and allies in bringing about planetary healing.

* We can do daily meditations in whichwe creatively visualize the spiritual body of the planet glowing with radiant healing light.

* We can organize and/or take part in ecumenical planetary prayer services and rituals with practitioners of other spiritual paths and cultures.

* We canhonor Mother Earth as an aspect of the divine in our solo and group rituals.

* We can send Mother Earth our love and pray for planetary health each time we visit a stone circle, sacred grove, place of power, temple, shrine or other sacred site.

* We can do spiritual healing magic for the planet in our circles.

It is important to reinforce whatever spiritual work we do with physical action. There are a variety of ways to do this and you should decide on at least one approach and then carry it out. Here are a few examples:

* Recycle trash from your household, take paper, plastics, glass, aluminum cans, and other recyclables to recycling centers.

* Recycle clothes and no longer needed household items by donating them to charities to distribute to the needy.

* Join and actively participate in environmental action groups.

* Write government officialsand urge them to takespecific actions on specific environmental issues, such as stopping all ocean dumping.

* Write letters and articles for publications about the need for environmental preservation.

* Plant trees as part of reforestation efforts.

* Compost food scraps.

* Stop buying and using non-bio-degradable detergents.

* Boycott products from companies that are destroying the Amazon rainforest.

* Pick up cigarette butts and other non-biodegradable litter from parks and other wilderness areas.

* Donate money to nature preserves.

* Give talks at schools, civic groups, churches and in other places in your area about ecological issues.

* Read publications, view films, and attend presentations inorder to keep informed about ecological conditions and to learn about additional ways you can work for planetary healing.

* Conserve electricity, water and other resources on a daily basis.

* Network with others.

© Making Magic For Planet Earth, written by Selena Fox for Circle Network News