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Home Cleansing & Home Protection Spell

To Cleanse an area from malicious spirits... Smudge the area as you recite:

"Spirits that harbours ill intent,
Begone with you & never come again.
Only those with goodwill may enter & roam,
& visit this place that I call home"

Also protect your home... (you may wanna research on ways to protect your home) but here's a simple Incantation I come up with . Sit in a comfortable position (or in front of your Altar if you have one), close your eyes & meditate for awhile when you feel is right, you can recite:

"Lord & Lady, Hear my call,
Protect those living within these walls,
Shield my home from hex & curse,
By thy powers they shall reverse,
Shield us against All Spells of Black,
From whence they came, repel them back,
This I ask in the name of Divinity,
Work my will, So mote it be."

After you are done Thank the lord & lady:

"Lord & Lady, to thee I give thanks,
Merry meet & merry part, Until we merry meet again..."
Blessed Be

Written by Shadowlight a.k.a Ivan
Used with Permission
All Rights Reserved