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**CAUTION** these methods should only be attempted by a knowledgable user. The Inner Sanctum is not responsible for injury resulting in these methods.

Mix and empower herds. Mix and grind them into a powder, if you have not already done this.

Place powder in a non-flammable container and soak with charcoal starter fluid.

After about an hour, place in a SAFE place and light. Let it burn until some of the herbs on top start blackening. Immediately put out the fire by smothering it with something non-flammable. DO NOT use water, sand, fire retardants or ANYTHING that will mix with, disturb or even touch the herbs, use only smothering.

Once the container cools, remove the herbs and spread them out in a flat sheet on a piece (or several pieces) of paper.

Cover with paper and set heavy books on them and let it compress for a day or more (the paper may get saturated with lighter fluid, so dispose of them properly).

Remove the weight and pour you new powdered incense into whatever container you use. You are done.

Once you have you powder, you may melt some of the appropriate resin and mix it with the powder, then roll it into a cone, stick, or whatever shape you choose.

This incense will now work similar to a stick or cone, light it and wait until the flame dies, it will now smolder until it is used. Don't use too much at a time, a little goes a long way.

Special thanks for this article, created & submitted by Phillip