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     An example of an outline for a solitary ritual that closely follows those performed in a coven environment.  This example can be utilized by either the solitary follower or a full coven.  Excerpted from the book 'To Ride a Silver Broomstick' by Silver RavenWolf.
A.  Ritual Preparation
1.  Define purpose
2.  Write ritual
3.  Gather necessary tools
4.  Prepare area
5.  Prepare body
B.  Open Circle
1.  Find true North
2.  Set up Magickal 'doorway'
3.  Call the Watchtowers / Elemental Quarters
C.  Invocation to the deities
1.  Align self with deity
2.  Invoke deities
D.  Statement of Purpose

E.  Actual Rite

1.  Working
     a.  Complete preliminary manual or visual task
     b.  Raise power / energy
     c.  Focus power / energy
     d.  Ground power / energy

2.  Honoring
     a.  Complete preliminary manual or visual task
     b.  Dedicate cakes and wine
     c.  Partake in cakes and wine

F.  Meditation

G.  Thanking the deities

H.  Closing the Circle

1.  Mentally and verbally close the circle
2.  Physically close the circle
3.  Clean up
     a.  Disposal
     b.  Washing of plates and glasses
     c.  Putting away tools and other implements