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For Prosperity
Rowan Moonstone
          The following is a quarterly prosperity spell given to me by Angel and
          Gracie,  my first two FamTrad teachers.  I have no idea where they got
          it, but I can  tell you that it DOES work.  I"ve used it for years and
          it never fails to  bring me some unlooked for money.  I find that I've
          overpaid a bill, or an old debt which I had written off as uncollec-
          tible gets repaid,  I find a $20 on the sidewalk, etc.   Try it, it

          The spell is to begin at one minute past midnight SUN TIME (I  HATE
          daylight savings time when I do this.  Means 1AM!) on the night of
          April 30 (May 1), July 31 (Aug 1), Oct 31 (Nov. 1) and Jan 31 (Feb  1)
          In other words, on the first minute of the cross quarter day.

          You will need the following:

  • 1 gold candle
  • 6 green candles  
  • 9 white candles
  • Pine oil for anointing candles
  • salt

          All candles must be dressed with pine oil and then arranged as fol-

          Gold candle in the center
          Green candles in a circle around gold candle
          White candles in a circle around green candles.

          At one minute past midnight on the appointed day, trace a salt circle
          around the outermost circle of candles, light the gold candle first,
          then the green candles, moving deosil, then the white candles, moving
          deosil.   Circle the altar three times, chanting "Orbiting  Jupiter
          trine the sun, bring money on the run."   Do the chant 3 times also.
          Sit quietly for a few minutes and visualize your  monetary NEEDS.
          (needs, not desires).  Then SNUFF (do not blow or pinch) the candles in
          reverse order.

          That's it.  That's all there is to it and it works beautifully.