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During Samhain it is in some traditions appropriate to have a feast,and to set a place for their Ancestors at the table.Sundown on Oct.31 is the beginning of Samhain when the veils between the two worlds are the thinnest.Here is an example of a chant that one could use for such an occasion.

"And so it is ,we gather again,

The feast of our dead to begin.

Our Ancients,Our Ancestors we invite,


And follow the setting sun.

Whom do we call? We Call them by name

(Name your Ancestors that you wish or want to welcome)

The ancients have come! Here with us stand

Where ever the country,where ever the land

They leave us not,to travel alone;

flesh of our flesh,bone of our bone!

Grandmothers,Grandfathers,Great to be their Power !

Past ones and present-at this very hour!

Welcome within are the dead who are kin,

Feast here with us and rest here within

Our hearth is your hearth and welcome to thee;

Old tales to tell and new visions to see!"

It is also customary to light a new candle for the "new year".This ritual harkens back to the days of Samhain was one of only two days-the other being Beltaine-when it is considered correct to extinguish the "hearth fire"and then to relight it.If your fire failed at any other time of the year,it was thought to be very bad luck indeed.

"Upon the rekindling of the fire in the morning,this blessing was often said:

We call Upon the Sacred Three;

To Save.....To Shield.....To Surround

The hearth.....The House.....The Household

This Night,Each Night,Every Night.!"

Author Unknown
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